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Here's what is really bothering me, and I feel may be the cancer of the problem.

I've spent the last yr questioning those that are in their mid-late 50's. Asking them how they feel about the various Gov programs.

The typical response is.... I'm retiring in 5 yrs. As long as I get what I have coming, why should I care? (sounding self-centered?)

What truly amazes me is.... a good chunk of these responses come from Military Veterans!

As far as my neck of the cornfield... it seems... the closer they are to retiring, the more they support ANY AND ALL Gov programs. I've tried to put myself in their shoes. I completely understand that they are tired of working, and just looking forward to a more leisurely life. I understand that!!!

But... the fact that they don't see the big picture.... the future that their grandchildren will have to face.... quite frankly.... I'm befuddled.:xeye:

Have they really become that tired of life? Have we (as a society) really become that Narcissistic and short sighted? I know the vast majority on this site oppose Gov run programs... but.... do our numbers really reflect that of the Nation?

Somehow, I'm doubting it. The older generation is tired. They just want to retire without drama and headache. The younger generation is dumbed down.

The middle generation is caught between trying to deal with the kids, the job, the marriage/or being a single parent, the bills, and the elderly parents. They are just soooooo distracted, I'm not so sure they understand what is happening.

Just my concerns.

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You may be right. With everything else being negative, some folks may be reaching a serious state of apathy and care about themselves, period.

Or you are talking to folks who feel they are owed something and let some one else suffer so long as they get what they want they 'deserve'.
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