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The Texas Department of State Health Services has released a bulletin with suggestions related to hurricane evacuation. I wanted this to be separate from the hurricane Ike thread, so here it is.


The Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS) has issued the following checklist of health-related items people should take with them in the event of evacuation ahead of Hurricane Ike. Items include:

· Birth certificates

· Immunization records for children and adults

· Driver license, passports or other photo ID and Social Security cards

· Health insurance cards and policies

· Prescription medications and containers

· Any unfilled written prescriptions

· List of medications taken by family members

· Three- to five-day supply of water (one gallon of water per person per day)

· Three- to five-day supply of canned and other non-perishable foods

· Special foods for diabetics and others with special dietary needs

· Baby food, formula, diapers and other supplies for infants

· Food, medicine and supplies for pets

· Hand-operated can opener

· Water-purifier, such as unscented chlorine bleach or iodine tablets

· Soap, toothpaste, tissue and other personal hygiene supplies

· Alcohol-based hand sanitizer

· Disposable cleaning cloths or wipes

· First aid kit

· Extra eyeglasses, contacts and solutions

· Sleeping bags or blankets, sheets, pillows

· Road maps, cell phone and charger and cash.

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Kind of looks like Texas is encouraging it's citizens to build your basic B.O.B.
Without any firearms, but oh hell thats Texas, dont think you need to tell a Texan to take his gun thats a given.

Information is Ammunition
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optimistic in this New World order- but hey, its Texas.
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