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I agree. :)edit: does anybody else leave their headlamp around their neck when camping/hiking/backpacking/in a tent? I hate fussing around in the dark in a tent, so I just leave it on me... helps for those late night urgent matters...
Look up DavidT at CPF forums, he has a great system for EDCing a Zebralight around the neck, under the shirt. Uses an elastic finger bandage to hold the light and a flat shoelace with cordlock. Works well hanging at chest level, but converts quickly to makeshift headband for dual use. This is my go-to setup for travel.

If it's one or the other, I'll take a hand held over a headlamp. You can easily make up a strap to hold a flashlight to the side of your head for hands free. It's pretty hard to find a bright, long throwing and long running head lamp that doesn't weigh much...
First, either-or isn't necessary. Everybody should have a floody headlamp and a throwy handheld. Second, the headlamp you're looking for is pretty easy to find, here's one excellent option. 12 degree spot (thus throwy), up to 645 lumens, down to .1 lumen for 80 days, weighs 1.4 oz. Many other options abound.

Have you tried the makeshift-strap-around-head option? The majority of people hate them (me included), pointing in wrong direction, hard to keep on head, uncomfortable, bright spot making it difficult to work, etc. Even custom-built bands and straps for mounting a handheld on the head can be downright frustrating to use (ask me, I own a bunch of them; used to think like you do).
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