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Glad you posted this.
I have very much the same problems with these additives.
Can cause headaches, blood pressure spiking, very rapid heart beat within 20 minutes of consumption.
MSG is the worst one, but here in Australia it is listed as such, or flavour enhancer 6** and 6^^ quite often in the same product, and the list is almost endless. (The Euro standard)
Some types of cheese give me a bad reaction. Have heard this is becoming quite common, caused by either the type of culture used or a chemicle byproduct during the maturing process.
Some cheeses use a vegetable culture which seems to be better.
It does make it difficult preping emergency food stocks.
I had a lot of problems in the armed services with the food additives in ration packs and the messes.
However that was a long time ago and didn't know what was causing it. Only found out in the last 10 years.
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