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here is a cool way. i found
put some Calcium Carbide in a small hole and put in some water

Calcium Carbide reacts with water and produces acetylene gas, and all you need is a spark and you have flame.
ok not every one has Calcium Carbide with them but keep some in my bag
i got it off ebay 11oz for $20
all so take a look at this. it uses Calcium Carbide
and yes iam getting one

all so take a look on youtube for Calcium Carbide


ok 1 more way

Potassium permanganate and glycerin. they used to be in older first aid kits
when put together causes a chemical reaction that makes fire
not the best way to start a fire. but if you have no other way. it will work
but as with all fire. it can be dangerous

potassium permanganate can be used for more than just fire. it can purify alot of water with just a couple of grains. it can also be used as a signal in the snow because it turns a large amount of the snow bright purple
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