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It seems our largest buyers sat out the last Bond issuance. China did not increase its holdings, and Japan actually holds less.
Now with a deficit projected to be higher than last years record,
can there any confidence that our govt can control spending ---
among those who must finance it?

The dollar death spiral may have begun to accelerate.
Buckle up - put your trays in the upright position -
put your head between your legs --
and kiss your azz goodbye
Foreigners purchased $20.7 billion more in assets than they sold in October, down from a $40.7 billion increase in September, the Treasury Department said Tuesday.

China, the largest holder of U.S. Treasury securities, maintained its holdings at $798.9 billion in October.

Japan, the second largest holder of Treasury securities, had a total of $746.5 billion in October, down slightly from September's $751.5 billion.
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