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Happy to see increase in gun/ammo sales

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I think it took the spectre of an Obama administration to make a lot of folks wake up and realize that this may very well be the end of the Second Ammendment, and the Republic as well.

I am sure I speak for a lot of us here when I say that those of us with a survival mindset have had their "primary battle rifle" and ammo for a long time already.

Maybe the rest of America will wake up and those that normally do not own guns are finnaly exercising their right to do so.

I think Obama pushed a lot of people over the fence, and on to the "Right" side.

It may be too little too late, but the up side is I think they are getting the message in D.C.
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i just oredered some ammo from and at checkout there was a statement saying " due to an inormous increase in sales your order may be delayed 5-6 days"
The comments for your order are

Thank you for your order. Due to the political situation we have seen an extreme increase in orders. We are doing our best to ship out orders A.S.A.P. As it stands now your order will be shipped next Friday. Thank you for your patience. You should receive a UPS tracking # through E-mail from UPS Quantum View when this order ships. If you do not receive this tracking # please check your spam blocker. Thanks again for your business and have a great day!

Your order has been updated to the following status.

New status: Processing
1 - 2 of 18 Posts
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