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Since I didn't want to hijack skwerlhunta's thread anymore than I already have I thought I would make a general all purpose handling the weather thread.

We made it through our ice storm pretty much intact. I was out doing chores this morning and heard two booms in the woods so I know the trees are exploding. I'll get to checking them out tomorrow when we get into the above 0 temps.

I had to step down my wind generators but only for about six hours so we were never without power or needed to use the generator to recharge the batteries. In town the power did go out but they plan on having it up sometime yet today.

I do have to share this though. Generally we are a very prepared town and community. Most people were set for the storm last night. However, last night I got a call from my son's friend's mother asking if she could come over and do her laundry at my house because she was without power. Now we have been warned about this storm for about three days. If we had been watching the news we would have seen what the north east was going through and that should have been reminder enough. We have an ice storm or two every year and the town ALWAYS loses power when they hit. So having all these warnings, don't you think this woman would have made certain her laundry was done and that she had filled the bathtubs with water just in case she lost power?

She was a bit miffed when I told her that because I was running on less than full strength power I didn't want to use any more power than I had to so I couldn't help her. Besides I wanted my washer free if I wanted to do my own laundry.

I had a hard time not lecturing her that when you know there is a good chance you will lose power in the next three days you make certian ANYTHING you have to do with power is done before you lose it. Get the laundry done, don't let the dishes stack up, for heavens sake keep the toliets flushed, and store some extra water just in case the power doesn't come back on in a day.

Anyway, we dodged the bullet for the most part last night. Losing power for a day is nothing compared to what the Dakotas went through yesterday or what the north east went through last week. I'm hoping you all will be back up and going or dug out before long. Take care.

Anyone else dealing with weather right now?

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