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is there a differance when comm. car to car or around a Vaca spot. They cost about the same I don't know what advantage one has over the other.
CB is a two way radio. What "two way radios" you referring to?

There are basically 4 types of license free radio, CB, MURS, FRS, and 900mhz tri-square. Range is about the same on all of them, 1-2 miles typical. FRS radio's have more radio options, but good radio on any of the services cost about the same. The CB has a larger bulky antennas, the rest are smaller packages.. MURS and CB allow external antennas so they would have the best car/car range.

Its pretty much as toss up as to what to get based on the description you gave of how you will use them.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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