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hand drill..?

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hello folks. i need to buy a hand drill, in the uk.
does anyone have a recommendation, or is there something in particular that i should not-buy? and is there anything i need to take into consideration when buying one?
i'll be using it on a day-to-day basis. thanks for any help you can give me.
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I see a bad moon arising
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Would hate to have to make do without my go-to cordless Dewalt, but
just in case, I picked up a couple of hand drills. Here's the two that I got.
Both seem well made. Not exactly "old-world-craftsmanship" quality, but
they seem reasonably solid. But, admittedly, I haven't put a lot of
"run time" on either one. Good customer reviews on each drill, for whatever
that's worth to you.

For serious drilling, a brace and bit. Definitely want to buy the optional
3-jaw chuck for the thing. The standard 4-jaw is for special bits with 4-sided
shanks. The 3-jaw will allow you to also use any conventional round shaft
or hex-shaft drill bit.
(This is the only brace and bit I've ever seen with the interchangeable
chuck that just snaps on and off. Also, with the chuck removed, you
can use the half-inch drive by itself as a hand speed brace with a
socket set. A real versatile tool.

For smaller / more precise drilling, get a geared drill. From the same
source as above, I got the following:
Note that this one has a double pinion gear (one at the top, one at the
bottom) of the main drive gear. You can get cheaper geared drills (in the
$15 range) but those only have a single pinion gear. The double-gear
design is much stronger and more stable.

edit: Stray thought -- the typical "auger" bits for the brace and bit
have a seriously different design than the high-speed drill bits that
are commonly used with cordless and corded power drills. I suspect
that has something to do with the rotational speed of the power drill
vs. the hand drill. Several hundred to thousand RPM vs. a few RPM
for a brace and bit. So the traditional auger bits may work better for
you if you're going to using the hand drill on a daily basis. I found
the auger bits to be a tad too pricy for an emergency "throw on the
shelf" item, but for daily use, you might do some research and see if
the auger bits would be something worth investing in. Just a sample: Irwin Tools 43609 9/16-Inch Hand Braced Solid Centre Auger Bit: Home Improvement
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