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Had a good weekend, had my sister and her family come in for the holiday and this week, nice cookout with homemade stuffed sausage, hamburgers, brats, brisket, chicken and hotdogs for the kids.

We then went to see the fireworks and for a boat ride at night. Tonight we went to steakhouse and had a great T-bone meal.

Weds my brother -in-law, nephew and I are going to go to the range for a few hours and shoot about a 1000 rounds of .223,9mm, 327mag, 357mag, 44mag, 12ga & 20ga. Give me something to reload this week also! I am all caught up at this time.

My nephew is excited to try out his new knife I gave him... His dad was ok with it but my sister was not 100% happy. I said he is 10 years old he should have a 22 rifle & 410 shotgun by now along with two or three knives already. He loves to come here and go through all my fishing stock from my tourney days and since I still have a few fishing sponsors. I always "refill" his tacklebox for him every visit also.

Thursday night his dad & I are going to take him to a local dam here so he can hook up into a big flathead catfish. He told me I am his favorite Uncle Gunner. And he would never call me "Lame-o" Hahaha. I said well Zach I am your ONLY Uncle Gunner... but he does have two uncles on his dads side. When I take him on the boat he always wants to fish in front with me and run the trolling motor. He tries to act like what he sees on TV. He has on video tape one of the B.A.S.S tourneys I was in before he was born and he watches that all the time my sister says. Then he ask why I don't do that anymore.

When he was 7 or 8, I got to introduce him to Jimmy Houston and Rolland Martin when I did a seminar in Dayton with those two a few years ago. I got George Cochran to sign a photo for him the year before that when I did a seminar in TN with him. Zach wanted to go with me to TN for the weekend to see all the fishing boats, gear and meet more of the guys he sees on TV but I told him I was not going to be able to watch him I had to "work" for my sponsors giving seminars and working in their booths.

All and all it has been and will continue to be a great week... I love having family visit..!
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