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H.R. 6257: Assault Weapons Ban Reauthorization Act of 2008

Rep. Mark Kirk [R-IL]

Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen [R-FL]
Rep. Michael Ferguson [R-NJ]
Rep. Christopher Shays [R-CT]
Rep. Michael Castle [R-DE]

Assault Weapons Ban Reauthorization Act of 2008 - Amends the federal criminal code to reinstate, for 10 years, the Public Safety and Recreational Firearms Use Protection Act's assault weapons ban to prohibit the manufacture, transfer, or possession of a semiautomatic assault weapon or a large capacity ammunition feeding device. Specifies models and features of banned weapons.
Sets forth exceptions to such ban, including: (1) firearms or devices lawfully possessed under federal law on the date of enactment of this Act; (2) certain firearms, replicas, or duplicates listed in an appendix as they were manufactured on October 1, 1993; (3) any firearm that is manually operated by bolt, pump, lever, or slide action and that has been rendered permanently inoperable or that is an antique firearm; (4) any semiautomatic rifle that cannot accept a detachable magazine that holds more than five rounds of ammunition; (5) any semiautomatic shotgun that cannot hold more than five rounds in a fixed or detachable magazine; and (6) firearms manufactured for, transferred to, or possessed by a federal, state, or local government agency or for law enforcement.
Requires the serial number of any weapon or device manufactured after enactment of this Act to clearly show the date of manufacture.
Directs the Attorney General to study and report to Congress on the effects of this Act on violent and drug trafficking crime.

Does anyone know about this one? Did it get shut down?

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From another website ( as of yesterday discussing this exact bill:

"No, there is no version of an Assault Weapons bill being debated on the Senate floor, nor on the House floor... yet.

None of the 110th Congress' Assault Weapons bills ever moved out of Committee - no introduced language was ever given a Hearing, offered with amendments, and "agreed to" by any Committee or Subcommittee. And not one has "passed to the floor" for a debate.

These are rumours without basis. It deserves to be followed carefully; it will impact us all when it happens. It hasn't happened yet. The process is just beginning; the 111th Congress convenes on January 20th and that is where it will occur.

I do this for a living: tracking federal legislation, authorizing bills and appropriations bills, attending Committee hearings and Markups and Business Meetings... So, I'll keep an eye on it."

and later, from the same poster:

"There's always the chance some Member of the House Financial Services Cmte will see a need to offer an AW ban as an amendment to the bill to 'Stabilize the Financial Condition of the American Automobile Industry' (during the emergency session hearing scheduled for Dec.5th) ...and ...and ...Nope!

Now, think about it. Why would anyone who wants an AW bill try to pass one now when in two months the Democrats gain even higher majorities in both chambers? Makes no sense, of course.

And not that any projection of mine is worth a farthing, but it would seem likely that someone like Schumer or Feinstein will call for a 'study' to be submitted to Congress by the new AG and new FBI Director, the new Director of Homeland Security, and et cetera - on the danger posed by AW's to public safety. To be submitted in say three months, or six months. Then there'll be a pre-drafted AW bill introduced either in the House or the Senate, which ever seems likelier to have support. Its progress will be carefully measured by the bill's Democrat supporters in the other chamber, and at some point they'll introduce the parallel legislation.

You know, I don't know if the pro-gun democrat numbers have gone up or down and whether they'll want to risk the mid-term elections again. On the other hand, if Obama needs some popular national distraction from his failing policies, say crime reduction, he'll lead a reluctant Congress to an AW bill.

Through a glass darkly, as they say."

Sounds like this guy knows what he's talking about...and from his info, it sounds like this is not YET anything that's come up for any kind of vote or even "official" discussion.

I agree with the poster that said this:
"The joker in this unplayed deck is some kind of mass shooting which could occur anywhere and at any time. God forbid, but if it does occur and a semi is used, count on the knee-jerk chorus to quickly be in full song."

There have been several mall/group shootings in the Seattle area in the past few DAYS which have gotten major press, and the general public's reaction to that kind of thing worries me more...I think that kind of thing could be played up by politicians with an agenda very easily.


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...There have been several mall/group shootings in the Seattle area in the past few DAYS which have gotten major press, and the general public's reaction to that kind of thing worries me more...I think that kind of thing could be played up by politicians with an agenda very easily.
Yes, but the Southcenter Mall incident was a handgun shooting that arose from an argument, not a Columbine-style spree killing with an assault weapon. If someone wants to try to make a logical argument for restrictions based on that, fine -- let them ban pistols, and I can switch to open carry of my underfolder AK. :thumb:

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I'm hoping the backlash against such a bill will be far greater than it was against the original AWB, and that any legislator or represenative that decides to support it does so with the full understanding that it may mean the end of their political career. Hey, I can dream at least.
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