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Frantic cover-up at Tampa ATF; West calls for special prosecutor
Add a comment Anthony Martin, Conservative Examiner
July 8, 2011 - Like this? Subscribe to get instant updates..61 SharePrintEmail
61SharePrintEmail.In the aftermath of the explosive news late Wednesday that the Tampa office of the ATF is engaged in a gun running scheme to Honduras, sources indicate that the office went into panic mode. A frantic cover-up is underway, including the shredding of documents, according to investigative reporters David Codrea and Mke Vanderboegh.

The Tampa-to-Honduras leg of the massive scheme involving the running of U.S. guns to Mexico by the ATF--the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives--points to a much broader scandal involving multiple agencies within the federal government, including ICE, the DAD, DEA, DOJ, the State Department, the FBI, and the Department of Homeland Security.

Why would so many agencies of the federal government involve themselves in a massive scheme to deliberately place U.S. guns into the hands of Mexican drug cartels and criminal elements in the Central American country of Honduras?

The official explanation given by the government is that the scheme was concocted to trace the illegal activity of criminals in Mexico in order to eventually capture and prosecute such persons. But those captures never occurred. And no one was prosecuted. Instead, at least 2 American agents were murdered by the smuggled guns, and at least 150 Mexican citizens were slaughtered by the cartels who used American fireams given to them by the U.S. Government.

A timeline in four parts is available for those wishing to educate themselves on the magnitude--and motivation--of this scandal.

Mike Vanderboegh, one of the original reporters who helped break this story, states unequivocally that the gunwalker or gunrunner scandal--also known as Operation Fast and Furious--is not just an ATF scandal but an Obama scandal. It is common knowledge that one of the ultimate goals of individuals such as Barack Obama, Eric Holder, Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, and the United Nations--including the big money behind them such as George Soros' multi-billions--is the gradual disarmament of ordinary citizens through gun control laws.


The gun smuggling scheme was implemented in order to create a sense of urgency concerning the need for enacting draconian new gun control measures. This not mere conjecture or hypothesis, nor a baseless allegation.

News came yesterday that Barack Obama plans to unveil sweeping new gun control measures 'in the near future.'

Why now, and for what purpose?

Armed with phony statistics padded by the government scheme to deliberately put American guns into the hands of criminals, along with the outright lie that lax U.S. gun control laws are the driving force behind the violence of the Mexcian drug cartels, Obama can make a case for the urgent need for sweeping new


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