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New Members must make at least 5 (five) post in the forum before they can access to the whole site.

Certain functions of this site will be disabled until these five post are made. These 5 post can be replying to a thread, starting new threads or any combinations there of.

These disabled functions include:
Can not download files
Can not list items in the store
Can not add links to the links directory
Can not use the private message system

Why are these features disabled?

We had people signing up and spamming out Private Messages (PMs) asking other members to visit their website. When a Private Message is sent to a member, that member receives an email that they have a new PM. So those spammers were using the email feature of this site to spam with. We had people sign up and download files from the downloads section and not even post a thank you. In some cases more then 50 files were downloaded in one visit.

This also prevents spammers from posting their spam messages in the picture gallery or trying to hide it off the beaten path.

To try and weed out the spammers, a 5 post requirement was put in place.

All new members should at least introduce their selves in the new member introduction section.

Or use these links to jump to a certain category that interest you.
Preparedness and Survival General Discussion
Health, Fitness and First Aid
The Ladies Section
Urban Survival
Hiking, Camping and Wilderness Survival

While you are here, please take time to read the forum Rules - Rules

If you have time, please let us know how you found this site.

For those members that have high speed internet, we have an assortment of member made videos. The videos in that link were made by the members of this site.

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Not open for further replies.