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Hello Ya'll. I am from Texas. I have been working on preparations for just about any emergency. We have been doing it for years for hurricane preps but I have decided to step it up a notch. I visited with my cousin back in August 2012 and he had been prepping since 2009 and listening to his reasons I was convinced that I needed to increase what I have done. With my research I have decided to have at least 3 plans. The first is a bug-in plan. The second is a bug-out plan with my equipment/supplies. The third is the on the go plan with minimal supplies that I can carry. I think we should have several alternatives as we really don't know what is going to exactly happen and in what order.

I lived in Tennessee for a number of years before moving to Texas. I had the opportunity to do a lot of backpacking and camping when I live there. My dad, brother and sister live in the middle and eastern areas. I live in the southeast part of Texas currently and also have family here as well.

I am interested in meeting most of you and very interested from hearing from you in Texas and Tennessee. Please feel free to send me a friend request. I am interested in learning all that I can and hopefully I can be of help to others as well.:)
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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