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Hi Everyone,

I am from Amarillo, Texas and I have enjoyed visiting your online community several times in the past. I spend a fair amount of time researching various things on the internet and many different times some of the ideas or items I was looking into were also referenced in postings on this forum. I finally decided to hang around for awhile and see what I could learn or contribute to the community. I will probably do a lot more of the former.

I have always tried to live in a state of, at least, adequate preparedness but I can say after several years of frequenting some of the better internet gun, knife or radio forums that I am really just an amateur looking to improve my knowledge and hopefully learn something interesting in the process. I have read and learned some interesting things from hardcore survivalists and I can say I have not put one tenth of one percent of the amount of thought and planning that the dedicated survivalists go into but maybe I can bring up that percentage a little after some time her.

I have only been here 10 minutes and I cant wait to close this "shout out" and go read an interesting thread that just caught my eye about field dressing and preparing rabbits. Thanks for having me. I like the look of this site and everyone seems civil which I appreciate very much. :thumb:

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