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Greetings from snowy, freezing Ontario

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Hi Everyone, thought i'd start by introducing myself.

Im from a small town outside of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

I've been "prepping" for about two years now and this would be the first forum i've actually joined that is dedicated to survival and prepping.

So far i've been watching youtube videos, local gun forums who dabble a bit into prepping and reading any and all books in regards to it.

I'm a "well rounded" prepper in terms of beans, band-aids and bullets. I have long term food and water storage, secondary power and heat sources, defensive firepower for different situations and reload my own ammo for certain calibers. I'd love to be self-sufficient in terms of food growth but alas dont have the space. (Live in suburb type housing)

I'm also a very hands on person who loves to soak up and learn new things. I love to tinker and invent. I have a small workshop consisting of mill, lathe, air tools etc etc. Several last projects involved making my own electric bicycle, swapping a diesel VW motor into a Land Rover Discovery (didnt finish, put on hold indefinively), designing a legal 10 round AR magazine adapter for the SKS and building a small walkin gun room made of poured reinforced concrete and steel door.

My schooling is in Aircraft Maintenance but my careers have taken me away from that path and now i work in Food Industry installing and maintaining food wrapping machines. During my hobbies i've come to know hydraulics, mechanics, electrics both AC and DC and electronics, all which have made me a well rounded invidividual.
I dont think i need to mentioned that self sufficiency is my number one goal and everything around the house is done by me, from roofing and building to vehicle maintenance.

Reason i've come to this forum is that i'm a knowledge sponge and i've exhausted the limited resources at other places. I love to read and get ideas from like minded people.

I hope to become a productive member of the community.

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Hey there Canuck! Welcome to the boards, we've got a good amount of Canadians here. Curious, do you own any rifles up there?
Hello there, welcome to the form! Great to have you here!
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We do. Some are easier to obtain than in US. Short barrelled shotguns for one. I'd like a handgun but them, plus semi autos with barrels shorter than 18.5" are restricted and require additional licensing and registration. I'm sure you know how people feel about registrations.

Non-restricted you can buy to your hearts content when you get your PAL (possession and acquisition licence)

I have 2x SKS, Mosin, Mauser, two rem 870s, mini 14, sub2k, svt40, ar-7, savage mkII, xs7 in 223, rem vtr 597.

As far as the gov is concerned I just have a PAL and no guns

Hey there Canuck! Welcome to the boards, we've got a good amount of Canadians here. Curious, do you own any rifles up there?
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welcome from the ottawa valley
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Welcome from Northern Ontario...
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Howdy and welcome from AZ
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Welcome from another Canadian who hails from your neck of the woods. It's beginning to look as if we've got a decent community of preppers around here that are discovering each other through this site.

You seem more than up to speed on firearms and many aspects of prepping, but you might be interested in checking out the Toronto/Ontario survivalist groups that are on They've got a couple of good teachers (mostly on wilderness camping and survival skills) and might offer you something.

If you're ever interested in expanding into Amateur radio, there's a very good store around Steeles and Hwy 400 called Radioworld.
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Don't forget Active Surplus on Queen St.. near Steve's. I used to live at that place..
Welcome abaord from Snowy, Cold Vermont!
My Monitor Heater is Broken, so I'm heating my House with two small Portable Electric Heaters and Shabbos Candles.;)
Hello and Welcome from Grayling, Michigan!
There is a ton of great information available on this site, so happy reading and learning! Enjoy. :)
Have a safe and prosperous New Year!
Welcome, from Nova Scotia. Erm...couldn't you have kept this cold, icy weather there? (-21 here today). ;) Keep warm, buddy.
Thanks for the kind welcomes.

I've been to Radioworld to buy Anderson power plugs for my electric bike. I've also been thinking about getting a CB radio for my Jeep CRD. I know they will be the first guys i go and talk to.

I've also been to Active Surplus many times for various knick knacks as i work not too far from both these locations.

This morning was -26C indicated in my truck. Being prepared i had it plugged in and the diesel fired up no problems. Please, take all the cold you guys can bear. GTA people are softies.

I will definitively look into the local survivalist groups. I've got full support of the fiancee and have a friend who follows in my footsteps. I just put together a small long term storage cache of food for him just to get him interested.

If anyone locally wants to have anything vacuum packed, let me know. We have demo models of chamber vacuum packers that i use to vacuum Mylar bags. Works real good!
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