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Hello SB,

What luck! I found this site while google searching for "survivalist medical supplies". I kept finding vanila first aid kits which are only good for treating bee stings and sunburns so I started changing the search parameters and voila.

I have learned so many things over the past few days just browsing through the site reading posts and stickies.

I'm not new to being prepared for emergencies such as natural disasters or road emergencies.. however I am new to the SHTF preparedness scene.

Always been a bit of an outdoorsman hunting, fishing and camping.. as much as a guy who grew up in the city can be.

Thing is, the further I look into preparedness the more I realize how much I need to learn.. I can kill/catch and prepare game, but I have never grown a vegetable or tended a garden in my life. Never canned or preserved. These are things my grandparents did and I could kick myself for not learning it from them.

I can perform CPR and stop bleeding but if no medics are enroute and no functioning hospital I wouldnt know how to treat an injury or illness beyond that of a first responder.

Anyway my post is getting a little long so I'll wrap it up by saying I look forward to learning as much as possible here, as well as contributing where I can.

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