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Hey everyone -

I'm 28 year old male, husband & daddy to a 13 month old. I'm here seeking knowledge & advice from people who have dedicated a lot of time preparing for what we all believe is coming. I currently work on a ambulance in a very large metropolitan area.

I've lived my whole life surrounded by grocery stores and with air conditioning. After watching the political zoo for a number of years now, gripping about everything, my brother (who is also a member of this forum) planted the seed in my head. As the months have drug on the clouds parted, fog cleared & reality about what is on the horizon has set it.

I've found in my minimal preparation that every time I think of another item that is needed, 100 more pop up.

My brother helped me with some of the basics -

He told me #1 have a BOL. So I have a BOL.
And has steered me into a lot of concept of survival.
I've also got hooked up with the LDS for food storage.

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Welcome from Oregon.

Click here​
to see Oregon's group page.​
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