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Just a southern boy from a logging family posting from Birmingham. Not from here originally. Originally I’m from round the state line bout 90 miles north. But as of now I’m deep in the heart of 5 Points South.

When I meet women here and let them know what I do (meaning go home, hunt, and butcher game), they look at me like a mountain man. Apparently in millenial circles (don’t try to keep up with their logic, I promise you that I can’t and hey!, I am one), that’s a desirable trait.

Long story short, I kind of like it here. I do realize that if anything goes down in any direction that this is a hot spot.
I joined mainly for gear recommendations as I do backpack/bushcraft stuff on the reg and I’m really just trying to decide between an Alice style pack frame that I have the opportunity to buy vs a civilian frame.
I’ve been a longtime lurker and look forward to being a part of this community.
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