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Hey guys,

Came across this page researching a backpack stove and immediately saw the potential of this site!

I'm 24 from Southern Cali. Currently majoring in anthropology, but still trying to figure out the best way to have an emphasis on environmental work.

I've only become familiar with the outdoors in the past 4 years. I never had the exposure needed until I finally finished sports, but always had the logical understanding of the need for survivalist/outdoors knowledge(which makes me a kind of black sheep being located in Orange County, CA;))

With the change of major, a change of attitude has followed. Topics throughout this forum have become a priority, so now I'm on the hunt to find the best gear for me with the best practical reasoning, none of that marketing hype crap, which is why I wanted to join this community. I hope to start my first backpacking trip this spring/summer

Hopefully you guys can help me progress my journey and I could do the same for you
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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