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If you homeschool, you might be familiar with The Old Schoolhouse Magazine.

I receive their email updates and today got one about a fabulous sale that Library and Educational Services is having on several books / DVDs through October 20th.

Thought I'd pass the info along - some of the items on sale include things like the Drive Through History DVDs ($9.99), Faith of our Fathers, Discovering America's Founders, History of the US Army, History of the US Navy - there are tons of books / DVDs, etc on sale.

Here is the info and link to the website:

Shop this exclusive online sale at
until October 20, 2009!

We are a wholesale company and in order to purchase from us you must be an independent reseller, educator (including homeschools), librarian, pastor, church leader (either paid or volunteer), day care provider, missionary, or youth leader. If you qualify in one of these wholesale categories, you may purchase at our wholesale prices.
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