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Got my AE today

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I tested for my Amateur Extra license today, and passed it. Just wanted to brag a little. I was getting tired of studying.
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Just wanted to brag a little.
Nothing wrong with that. Congratulations.
Congratulations on your accomplishment!
Congrats. Its a good addon for your preps.


CONGRATS!!! Now drop on down to the low end of the bands and chase some DX with us :D:

My other plug to all AE is to get your VE. Lots of places are at a shortage for VEs and you could be very valuable to some groups. Also, take on the task of being an elmer. No better way to give back to the hobby IMO.

73 OM,


I will be taking my Extra class on May the 8th!! That is a hard test to say the least!!
I am looking at the guide for VE right now, waiting on license for AE to send with application.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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