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It is that time again, thank God!
I've been waiting for years, it seems.
I did not go fishing like I said I would this summer, not that fishing is bad or just isn't hunting.
In the early morning there were the standard concerts...the crows were in top form in their role as forestal alarm clocks...awakening all the forrest life.
I watched two young does for about 10 minutes or so then there was an hour or so of quiet.
A young doe came crashing down the hill; I thought I would have my first bow kill but, she bolted as soon as I came to full draw. This will be the norm as usual I suspect.

I have never taken meat with my compound bow, unless you count the squirrel I got with a "target arrow" on the way down the hill to take a few practice shots. I had my bag target and bow, walking down the hill to practice from my ladder stand. The sqwak was sitting in the tree in magazine photo I took aim and obtained meat.

This was sort of a pain, I'd not meant to get a meal but I have a rule...If you kill it, you eat it. So I built a fire, cleaned the little feller, stuffed him with some red clover tops and had a woodland snack.

I am happy with my bow, it does a fine job...I am quite "big headed" about my squirrel kill. I think I have adequate bow skills but I like telling the story and being very "humble" about it. It was pure luck...but I'll never admit it.

I think that this will be the year, I'll get a whitetail with my bow. I still have leftover meat from last year in the freezer. Steaks, stew meat and scraps for jerkey. I'm glad we have these extras. I'm glad we have this bountiful time for now. God bless us every one!

I wish you all a bountiful and enjoyable hunting season this year.
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