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i just signed up.
but enough small talk; here's some stuff:

my EDC

my BOB(will start new thread later with contents and list)

and my camp belt(there's a firesteel in there; not sure how it escaped the camera)

i've got a bunch of sharps and a few different shelter systems. i'll stick em in the appropriate forums.

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Hello! Welcome! This truly is a great place, you will find info on just about anything here. If you can't find it here, simply ask. Good people willing help out with just about anything :)

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Hello and welcome!

Have you got a list of the above things we can see?
(I'm trying to work out what the shiny metal thing is in your EDC (one on the chain)).

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Thanks for posting the Pics.

Welcome to the Site.

"Carpe diem, quam minimum credula postero" - Seize the day, trust as little as possible in tomorrow (Horace)

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Watch(suunto clipper)
Wallet(comb, hairpin)
Keys(P-51, 8GB flashdrive)
Sharpie double
Zebra F-701
LM Wave/SOG Powerlock/Swisstool X
Vic Climber Plus
Leatherman c301
INova X1
Bic/ Peanut/Zippo with butane insert
White bandanna
Silver dollar/Peace dollar/challenge coin

Large ALICE w/ frame
-3 changes of clothes + 3 extra pairs of socks and drawers
-3 MREs, 3 cliff bars, freeze-dried ice cream and some beef jerky(originally close to a pound, but i've been munching on it)
-20* mummy bag
-one-man tent

large outside pouches
left = compass, magnesium block, twine, paracord.
middle = mess kit, sponge, spork, soap.
right - FAK

small outer pouches:;
left = watchcap
middle = wool gloves
right = wool scarf

on top under flap = sleeping pad and blue tarp with paracord attached to corners, and aluminum tent stakes.

extra canteen attached to right side. just the canteen and case; no accessories

-Cold Steel SRK
canteen kit
-emergency blanket
-and since i took that pic i've upgraded from the BDU belt to a pistol belt

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Howdy Junky!!
Welcome to the forum from NE Oklahoma!!

Good looking stash you got going there!
My wife is from Mobile... Roll Tide! :upsidedown:
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