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Golani Galil

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Quite a few years ago I owned an Israeli Galil. I really liked it but my Godson wanted it so I gave it to him. Then the prices went through the roof so I gave up on getting another one. Last month I was at Dunham's and they had the Golani on sale. The fit and finish is nowhere near the original but the gun is a good shooter and so far has been very reliable. The only problem I've had is with some russian wolf. It would not feed properly but I checked the length of the shells and they were longer than the standard 223. A different batch of Russian Wolf worked fine. So far I've put 2200 federal 223 through it with no malfunctions of any kind and 1100 Russian Wolf with no problems after putting aside the ones that were to long.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts pics? and the irons on the action cover do they hold zero?
golanil galil

Sorry. I don't know how to do pics. The sights have maintained there zero through all of these rounds.
I have one of the Golanis as well and it has been reliable and has good accuracy with better controls and handling than the AK in some respects. I have shot a few hundred rounds through mine with the only issues being caused by a bad mag. I always liked the wood forearm so I added that, along with the carry handle. Plus it has factory 35 and 50 round mags. :thumb:

Since the Golani was made for .223 and marked for such, try not to shoot
.556 NATO, there is a slight difference in the casing. Some guns are more sensitive than others to the difference I believe.
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is it chambered for 223 instead of 556? that might be your problem. they aren't the same
If memory recalls you have to have it chambered for 5.56 to use it and .223.I heard the main disadvantage to having one is most of the mags that were imported were half worn out.that is what kept me from buying one.why have a rifle that only has crappy,worn out mags.
What A Country sells brand new 35 round mags for the Galil. I believe I paid 34.95 each when I bought them.
On a Century galil you should peroidically pull the bolt out,and look for peening on the lug recesses in the receiver.Look for contact points on BOTH bolt lugs. And put a headspace gauge in it.Century(ORF receivered) galils had issues.Too many.Uneven bolt lug contact,one lug bearing more stress than the other.Lug recesses peening over from too soft metal.Heat treat was iffy.
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