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I am planning to go to the show next weekend and am taking a few items that i am looking to part with for trade or cash.
I realize that there have been some SERIOUS price changes recently in the firearms world as well as everywhere else. Here is what i am taking please tell me what i should expect to be offered or ask for.

1 yugo 59/66A1 Never fired issued or otherwise molested all matching Georgous.

1 wolf Military Classic 7.62x39 1000 hp case of ammo purchase in Febuary of 08.

1 Kel-tec PT3AT.

I could tell you honestly i only have $530.00 pesonally invested in the items mentioned. However I would like to get more than that in trade or cash.
I say this only cause i feel now is the time to be buying rather than selling. But like i said these i feel i can let go and i need to buy a few items.
Please Help.
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