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Girl, 15, returns to find family bludgeoned to death​

July 20, 2009 -- Updated 0943 GMT (1743 HKT)

(CNN) -- A 15-year-old Australian girl returned from studying abroad to learn that her entire family had been bludgeoned to death in their sleep, in what police on Monday call a targeted attack.

The girl's parents, two young brothers and her aunt died of wounds to the head and upper body late Friday or early Saturday, at home in the Sydney suburb of North Epping, police said.

Police did not find signs of forced entry and nothing was stolen from the house. Authorities think the family was killed in a "personal" attack, a police spokeswoman said.

Media reports said the father ran a convenience store and had given evidence to police about an armored car robbery outside his store earlier this year.

"I don't believe they have reached anything conclusive about the motive," said the spokeswoman, who did not give her name, in keeping with department policy. "They are keeping an open mind."

The 15-year-old returned from a study trip in the Pacific Island territory of New Caledonia on Sunday.

"I can't imagine what this young girl is going through," homicide Commander Geoff Beresford told Fairfax Radio on Monday. "It is certainly going to be a long and caring process for us to deal with her."

The police department said it had set up a task force to investigate the deaths of the family, whose names were not officially released.

A family member called police Saturday morning after discovering the bodies of the 45-year-old man, his 43-year-old wife and his wife's 39-year-old sister-in-law.

The two boys who also were killed were 12 and 9.

This story is absolutely depressing and sickening and I hope the/those sick bastard(s) will be found and will get tortured in the most slow and brutal way. Things like this tend to, unfortunately, make me wish that all the governments in the world chipped in with the creation of a hell on Earth, a facility where criminals who harm the innocent are sent and slowly tortured for the rest of their life.

With that being said, I wish the best for the girl. (I can't comprehend what the girl is going through but all I can do is wish her the best and hope that those who have done this are caught.)

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That may very well happen, them aussies are off good stock.
Mostly Irish that were too rough for english prisons if I remember it right.

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So does this speak to the Aussies ability to defend themselves, i.e., gun control? Or violence in general? Either way, bad, real bad!

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Violence is escalating as police and the courts teach the criminals how victims will be punished for any attempt at self defense.

The criminals then become bolder as they terrorize their victims in the knowledge that there is...

A: a good chance that they will get away with it or merely receive a slap on the wrist if caught.
B: a very good chance that their victims will be helpless and unable to defend them self's as people know they will be charged for doing so.
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