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Don't claim to be Fred Bear but I will attempt to help also.

The best advice I can give any hunter, seasoned or just starting out is that it doesn't matter what you have your cross-hairs on. ALWAYS and I mean always know what is beyond your target. It could mean the difference in killing a deer or killing someone else with a bad shot.

- Pattern your game. With that I mean know when they feed, where they feed, what their feeding on and their route of travel to and from the fields. Whitetail deer feed the majority of the time at night throughout the morning hours and they venture back to their bedding sight during the day.

- Reading sign has been touched on, but you need to also read scraps and rubs. A scrap will be an area in the ground were it looks as if someone has taken their foot and cleared off a patch of ground. Bucks to this to mark their turf and will urinate in the scrap. This is compared to a dog pissing on a bush or car tire when marking his turf or allowing other animals to know of his presence in the area.
Scraps will be markings on tree trunks were a buck deer has scratched with his antlers. Compare that to taking a knife and scraping the bark off a tree. The rule as some would say is, the bigger the tree and rub, the bigger the buck that made it. If you find an area with scraps and rubs around, you can get you have a buck in the area, but you have to look and make sure it is fresh sign and not a year old. You should be able to do that by just looking at it.
A doe footprint will remind you of a heart shape in the mud, while a buck print will resemble a cattle print, with a split in the middle, but not as big. A rule on a buck print is the deeper the print in the surface, the larger body mass and weight the deer has. Same with a human print.
Don't know the regulations in your state, but salt blocks can also be used to attract deer to an area your hunting. Check state game regulations for that though.

- Managing Human Oder - this can be done many ways. One way is to go out and spend money on scent lock clothing, which I think is crazy. The wind if your friend when hunting. Attempt to get down wind from your hunting area. With that, I mean have the wind blowing in your face, away from the area you are hunting, which hopefully will carry your scent away from the area. Another tip is to not bundle up with all the clothing before getting to your hunting area. I think you mentioned FL, so temps don't dip like they do here. I have seen too many guys put on all the bulky clothing before entering the woods and by the time they have made the trek to their hunting area, they are all sweaty and hot underneath the clothing from the walk. So guess what? All that sweat has created even more scent emitting from their body.
There are several aftermarket scent hiders on the market from sprays of various animal species, which can be applied to your boots and clothing as well as small scent wafers which can be hung on tree limbs or attached to clothing.

- As mentioned about the types of hunting either from a stand or stalking. I prefer stalking over stand hunting for some reason. Don't ask me why. LOL...A whitetail deer can't see very well. They are color blind and are alarmed by patterns, not color. A deer relies on it's smell first and it's hearing second. On a windy days when so many things are making noise, a deer is not going to move much unless it is spooked or hunting pressure makes it move. I prefer to stalk in those weather conditions, but I usually do it with two other people.

- Field Dressing Game - This is a wide spectrum of information. Everybody has their own way of doing things. You just have to find the one that works for you the best. I just open up the carcass and go to cutting, staying away from the stomach and not busting it. If you do that, it might turn you against deer hunting....LOL However, my cousin is a surgeon and you should see him field dress a deer. He is, as the old saying goes..."like a surgeon" LOL. He will make a cut here and a cut there and minutes later, everything is laid out in a neat little pile on the ground. Seriously though just search youtube and you should get a good sense of how to do it. Not very hard, just stay away from the stomach and please don't gut shoot a deer. LOL

There is so many things a person could sit here and tell you. Now whether it is exactly right? That is your opinion, but it works for me. The other best advice I can give besides knowing what is beyond your target is to just get out and hunt, learn from your mistakes and don't think you are going to go out and slaughter deer each trip. Watch video's and read. But again, the best experience is hands on.

Hope this helps and one other thing. Any time you get the chance, once you feel comfortable in hunting yourself...Take a kid hunting or fishing because you never know what positive affect it could have on them later on in life.

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