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Get your Berkey Orders in ASAP, things will be changing in April

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First of all, thanks to all who have visited or purchased a Berkey Water Filter or other Preparedness Products on our website.

I am getting this info out to all of you as soon as I received it, but some of the details are forthcoming and I will post updates here.

If you were considering buying a Berkey, now is the time. Prices will be rising in the beginning of April.

Please visit our website here to purchase at the old prices while they last:

Lastly, my intentions are not to fear anyone into buying a Berkey. Things will be changing, and my intention is to let u know beforehand, so that no one wonders why they were not aware that the prices have changed when it comes to Berkey Water Filters.

Thanks again to all who have purchased a Berkey System from us,

Jeff Gleason
LPC Survival Ltd.
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