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So I have a GHB with what I consider to be appropriate gear for me and my local area.

However, I am frequently out with my wife and/or my young kids. I have made a GHB for my wife but I have not made bags for the kids. I know the topic of BOBs for kids has been covered many times and this has likely been covered also...but how many of you have get-home bags and a plan for young kids and actually take them with you every time you go out?

If your kids are now old enough to walk around on their own but could not make it home on their own by walking due to the distance, etc, do you take a stroller for all the kids every time you go out plus their GHBs? Realistically, I know I would not....and around here, we could easily be 30+ miles away from home on a regular basis. Even a trip to the grocery store could be 5 miles and I don't think my 3 yo would make it.

Just curious what others are doing and not just thinking.

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