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Introducing the Gerber Silver Trident. This review is for the 06995 model which has double serrations (A standard serration on the leading edge, and a milled serration on the spline side edge.) This knife is the priciest tool in Gerber's catalog, and with reason. The construction of this knife was carefully engineered by Gerber's leading knife designer William Harsey under direction of former Navy seal team 2 chief Watson. Gerber makes great emphasis on the handle of this knife, which is made up of some sophisticated material called Hytrel®. The innermost part of the handle (which hugs the tang) is made up of a rock hard version of the stuff, which the outside layer (which your hand grips on) is made up of a softer, textured version. The OEM states that this material is completely resistant to heat, UV light and chemicals. The blade consists of a double-edged clip point design, and built using 154CM stainless steel, heat-treated to achieve a hardness rating of HRC 59-61. This is an American made, super stainless steel in my opinion. Great edge retention, corrosion resistance, and flexibility.

On to my impressions!

The packaging of this knife is pretty unique compared to most Gerber products. Instead of a clamshell or a plain grey & orange box that opens from either of the two extreme ends, this box has a top lid and is pretty damn fancy if I say so myself. On the lid there is the Gerber logo along with the two last names of the men involved in the knife's design, as well as "Silver Trident" all silver-etched onto the box. The box itself is a matte-satin black if you will, and the lid comes off effortlessly to expose the well-packaged Silver Trident and enclosed items.


Knife in sheath

Knife with Box

Certificate of Authenticity


There are a few factors about the sheath that make or break this knife, some of which I will get into later, but I will cover the basics here. This sheath is a basic drop leg design which can attach to a belt and then secured to thigh using supplied paracord through sheath-end lanyard holes. The back of the sheath also features MOLLE-friendly attach points that allow this knife to be rigged tip up or tip down onto a load-bearing vest, bug out bag, or plate carrier. As with most Gerber Nylon sheaths, this one has a plastic insert that keeps the blade safe from the elements, and more importantly yourself and others while it is sheathed. The sheath has a snap strap that secures the blade at the handle, and features a locking tab that is part of the plastic insert which secures knife at the hilt through a notch the knife has in the handguard area.

Sheath Options
If you plan to EDC this knife (If is possible in OC-friendly states), you may find that the factory sheath is inadequate. In this case, you can contact any company that makes Kydex sheaths, and have one made. I had this one made at Chest Nut Ridge Knife Shop, and they sell Silver Tridents so I did not have to send them mine. After playing around with a heat gun for a little while, the knife fits like a glove and snaps nicely in place.

This knife features a double edge that is razor sharp at the main edge, and considerably sharp on the spline side edge

The Trident is very reminiscent of the old Gerber Mark II daggers, only it is shaped into a tactical combat platform.

Non-Reflective black blade is for reducing glare and to prevent corrosion. Mine is a shade of satin after a light coat of oil here :)

Very confident-feeling grip with this knife. The generous hand guard makes you feel secure from all that sharpened and teethy steel. The mean double edge makes sure you wont be disappointed with the Silver Trident's performance during the next task or in a self defense situation.

Reverse grip for different tasks

Full tang pommel ensures your hammering and bone-crushing tasks are covered


This knife weighs in around a nice 11 ounces which makes it a good all around carry or back pack knife.

Updates Regarding OEM Sheath

Up until Summer of 2010, all Silver Trident Sheaths were made by BLACKHAWK! company. Apparently Gerber thought it was a good idea to stop outsourcing their sheaths and contracted a Chinese manufacturer to make the new ones (probably the same OEM that makes the other sheaths). Although this is kind of disappointing, it helped drive down the price of the Silver Trident considerably, allowing more people to afford them.

Lasting impressions
This knife is very impressive from the moment you open the box till you hold it in your hand and put it to work. You can't help but think about our special ops soldiers that are using these tools out in the field to defend our country as well as their own lives in close combat situations. Although this knife was designed as a fighting tool for military personnel, I'm pretty sure it would not let you down should you need something to cut with and not have anything else. The double serrations don't leave anything out of their cutting ability, and it would probably do the job of any type of knife adequately although no specific task perfectly aside of it's primary purpose. It is a well rounded blade for any occasion. This is my personal open carry fixed blade for anywhere I go, and it get's quite some use for everyday tasks by me. Although some may consider it a collectible, this knife is more than a capable tool to own, and I wouldn't rule it out in a survival situation, specially where self defense may be something to consider. If you are a military knife buff, this is a must own. If you are a Gerber enthusiast, it's a good addition to your fixed blade collection, although a pricey one. Is it worth the $250 price tag? Sure! Is it worth the Amazon $161 shipped price? Absolutely. I highly recommend this knife if you appreciate holding a good blade that has real-world meaning and purpose.

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Was something wrong with it, or are you getting it sharpened?
I torture test my knives to see what they can put up with. I used the rear serrations to saw through a few aluminum materials including 1/32" 7075 sheet metal, cans, and some old fuselage skin which we have here at work. The teeth did not loose any edge but the black coating scratched a bit so I send it to get re-coated.

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you need to slow down on the Gerber reviews or im gonna get a divorce notice from the wife! i have looked at the Silver Trident, but the cost has been prohibitive. not saying it isnt worth it though, just cant afford it. later!--------- Eric
It's definitely not for everyone. I'm a big fan of special design knives and wanted to have Gerber's flagship knives and wear them proudly whether concealed or open carry. You can find them on eBay now for about $158 shipped by the way.

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I could not find the Silver Trident on the Gerber website. They may have discontinued it. It's still available on Ebay and Amazon though.

In the most recent YouTube reviews of this knife, the traditional Gerber trademark (a mountain and knife and the name underneath) has been replaced with thick white letters GERBER. Not as stylish as before, but rather feels really anxious to market its name as visibly as possible.

I just thought that seems strange for this quality knife. Can you confirm that this change has been made recently? And I wonder if it's still the same quality knife, and if it's still made in the U.S.A.?
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