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Gerber LMF II Update

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As some of you know I recently broke my Gerber LMF II while batoning through some oak in the backcountry. I broke the plastic wrap that sits between the steel and the GFN handle at the hilt of the knife. You owners of it can look there and see the plastic piece I am referring to. In a number of my videos I refer to the Gerber LMF II and how you cannot hit the finger guards while batoning due to the construction of that hilt area. The steel did not fail and remains a fantastic steel. The knife is unreal design and I speak highly of it. I have no "axe to grind" regarding the knife whatsoever. I just simply was unimpressed that you cannot split wood with it as you can with other similar offerings (see my review against the Ka-Bar FIN Fixed Blade).

Anyway, I sent it back to Gerber last week and then sent me a brand new one with the full sheath set up and the rescue cutter with its own awesome sheath. That rescue cutter is perhaps the best cutter I have ever seen.

Gerber did a great job of standing by its products and warranty. No questions asked.

I wanted to pass on the information for all you out there as I was pretty tough on the knife when it broke but want to give credit where it is due and earned and Gerber certainly earned it. They turned the new knife around in under one week. Fantastic work.
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Don't know about the Gerber LMF II but carried this Gerber in a tropical zone during 1966,67,68 and did a good job. I put my life on the line with it and am still here.

now I carry a Gerber evo everyday.
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That knife isnt worth anything brother....send it to me and I'll get rid of it (in my gun cabinet) for ya.:D:
thanks bro but I need her to ummm open my bills with :)
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