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I have over half a dozen multi-tools. I picked up this Gerber Crucial about a month ago. Simply put...I love it. Weighing in at about 5 ounces it can be carried like a pocket knive as it has a clip that attaches right to your pocket. Using it some around the farm it has been very handy, and it has turned in to my EDC. At under $30 it is worth it! It will not do extra heavy duty work like a Leatherman Wave or a Gerber Diesel because it is lighter weight by design for care free and light weight carry. It comes with a nice blade, sharp out of the box. The knife, screwdrivers, and carabiner all lock for safety. The pliers do a good job for small to medium sized jobs and the wire cutters are pretty darn good. The carabiner also doubles as a bottle opener. Another good tool for your bob, for your glove box, purse, or in that front pocket.

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