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Got a hold of one of these a while back and it's what I've carried for around a year now.

It's a "carbon fiber," body, 3 cell (123) light with a tail cap button. Lock out, momentary on, and on are the functions provided.

While the body of the light it self seems pretty well constructed and it's very bright (advertised 150 lumens) I dont think it's as rugged and wonderful as Inova would have you believe.

I cant ever remember dropping the thing and yet there is a tiny fracture in the window that doesnt reach into the lighting area. It'd doubtful it causes any issues with the light emitted, but it's still there.

Also the scalloped, rubbery head of it has come somewhat loose from the body of the light. Will it ultimately fail? Perhaps. It hasnt so far and I havent been able to bring myself to glue it solid.

The tail cap on this model has no index marks like other light brands have seen fit to put on theirs. It's hard to just twist the cap on and have it set right for how you want it. Takes a little experimenting with to get it just right, but that's a fairly minor issue.

The belt clip seems sturdy and has a lanyard hole right in it. Unlike other manufacturers, however, it's designed in such a way that if the clip were to break, the lanyard would still retain the light as a dummy cord. I carry the unit in a holster, so I cant say how strong the clip is. I've never used it more than just playing around. The clip is designed to carry the light in a head-down position, so it couldnt easily be clipped onto something like a cap to shine light hands free.

Advertised run time is right at two hours. Honestly, I've never just let the thing run and timed it but intermittent use would have me believe that estimate to be just a tad on the optimistic side. I'm sure it would actually produce light for that long, but I'm not sure how useable it would be.

One of the things I really liked about this light is that withe the non-metallic body and the vents built into the head of it, I've never gotten a burn if I'm a little careless after use.

Lightweight, a good size for a gloved hand to grip and very bright, it's also expensive and (seems) somewhat fragile, has only one output setting and smells really weird when you open it.

It's weapon mountable, if that's your thing, and comes with a fairly unique little mount that snaps right onto one of the little ribs on the outside of the body of it. The mount is extra.

There is a lot to like about the unit, however I think you could do better for your money. For a lower price, companies like Streamlight or their bitter rival, Surefire make units that are very comparable.

I have one and I think you should think real hard before getting one for yourself.
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