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first time ive considered joining a survivalist message board.

Uhhh, I dunno what to say about myself.
I'm Australian, I feel like life is about to change permenantly, both from a personal perspective but also from a global perspective.
I've come here to learn what I can about survival, bugging out, shtf scenarios, surviving without society with one or two other people in the wilderness in various weather conditions and so on.
I keep fit and do my best to eat healthy as often as possible. Yet to aquire a firearm though, but working on it.

If you guys would like to know more personal things, feel free to ask. I don't exactly know what to tell haha.
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Welcome to the forum
Hello and welcome. :) Plenty to be learned here. Join in with discussions and have fun :thumb:
Welcome to the Survivalist Boards.

"Carpe diem, quam minimum credula postero" - Seize the day, trust as little as possible in tomorrow (Horace)
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Welcome to the forum from Northern California.
I guess saying ur Australian says it all. Welcome aboard mate.:thumb:
Greetings from Southern California, were buying firearms is nearly as difficult as it is in Australia. Ask any questions you like, there are some good people on this forum and they will answer you as best they can. Are you writing to us from Australia?
Welcome to the forum!
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