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Garlic - Pepper Spray ...

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I'm hoping that I can go completely organic to fight the bugs ....

I've tried Sevin-5 and others, and I think those chemicals have made me sick! Also, I like to be able to go out and pick anything I want from my garden anytime I want.

Sometimes I like to pick stuff, like fresh Peas, Curly Mustard Greens (spicy hot!!!), Radishes, Beans, and eat without even washing.

Has anyone tried using Garlic-Pepper (hot pepper) spray! I've been having a terrible infestation of bugs (green, white, black, red, brown), mostly on the underside of my greens (Mustard, Turnip, Beet, Collards, Swiss Chard, Chinese Cabbage, Kale).

Also, something is eating my Cantaloupe and Cucumber seedlings, killing most of the new plants before they get a chance to mature. I almost lost all of my Potatoes, until I sprinkled Sevin-5, which seemed to have saved my Potatoes. Fortunately I won't be eating the Potatoes for another several months, but now that deadly poison has soaked into the ground ... !!!

Just how effective is Garlic-Pepper spray?

Does it matter much if you add something, like Mineral Oil, or Dish Soap? I just made up another batch of Garlic-Pepper spray and soaked it in two teaspoons of Mineral Oil, then let it steep over night. Strained it today and put in two containers, which are in the fridge.

I've tried just plain Dish Soap mixed with water (nothing else), and that didn't seem to be much good.

I'm wondering how often I can use the Garlic-Pepper mixture to spray on my plants ....

I've also prepared a mixture of Tomato leaves (nothing else), but haven't applied it yet. I've checked my Corn really good, and there doesn't seem to be any problems with my Corn ....

Is the Tomato spray good for any/all plants ... ???

Should I add some Mineral Oil or Dish Soap to the Tomato leaves mixture?
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You can try BT (Bacillus thuringiensis), it's a bacteria, not a chemical, so for all intents and purposes is organic. I'd suggest you wash veggies before eating though... :D:

I tried it before and it does work for the worms, regardless of color. But you have to spray often, and even the ground itself, after it rains.

I would second the suggestion for mixing the garden up, getting rid of the row planting and other large blocks of the same vegetable. Also, improving your soil with organic matter will strengthen the plants themselvs so they could fight the infestation.
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