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G23 Slide stop problem.

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I just got back from the range and I noticed when I was seating my mag hard into the well g23 gen4 it was releasing the slide by itself. My first guess was that I had a bad extended slide release lever and I switched back to my factory one but that didn't solve the problem. I also thought maybe I had a bad magazine and that wasnt the problem. It happens with all three mags.

The weird thing is it doesnt happen when the magazines are unloaded. I have tried my hardest to make it happen with a unloaded mag and the slide will stay locked back no matter what. Im confused and Im looking for some help. Thanks.
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100% normal. Most pistols will do this if you slam a mag home hard enough. I used to do it on purpose when firing my qualifications on the M9. Don't rely on it happening though... :thumb:
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