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I was at work this morning chattin guns with another officer when another CO came in adn heard the convo. He quikly chimed in and asked if h knew anybody that wanted an EoTech for $350, I obviously jumped on the offer adn told him that i'd see what i could do. He left shortly after, the officer that i was talking to was shaking his head and laughing. I asked him what was wrong adn he asked if i'd ever heard of the Ruger recall. I had, he said " dont buy from that dumb ass, he shot himself in the foot..." I was quit dumb founded at this point, It was still about 4:30am so i was pritty tired still. he saw i was still not getting it and said" thats the iddiot that shot himself and caused the ruger SR9 recall." I was like Holly crap...i'm around this everyday with loaded guns...

Later on he came back and we strted talking about the "accedent" and how he sued them because his gun shot him when it fell. I asked him if the manual ever said anything about having a drop safty, he replied "whats that? does my M4 have it?" At this point I was overcome with all sorts of dangerous thoughts so i left.

Just thought i'd share. :D:

And to all thoes that are looking at the SR9, dont be swayed by the recall. Its a fine pistol with a rough start due to Morons that never should be allowed to own a firearm. I'v never shot it, just going by what i've heard. They have all since been retrofited with a drop safty, all the new and the ones that were sent in.
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