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Ok gang...Pony Up. I know we have all seen items that are camping/survival related that struck us as funny and thought about them as possible christmas gifts.

This one was on and everytime it shows up in a magazine I laugh to myself. I mean, c'mon, a cammo toilet seat that attaches to your trailer hitch bar? Let's see yours...:rolleyes:

Grass Footwear Vehicle Auto part Plant

Would be funny to see somone rollin down the road while someone was on it! :)
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yeah, if the buttout didn't get posted, I was going to. Kinda like a lump of coal, I'd imagine.

Not funny, but they had the Mr. Beer deluxe edition at harbor freight, and I got that for my wife. Also ordered a kombucha start, and am putting together a homemade kit for brewing Ginger beer. If I have enough money, I'm getting a canning set up as well... Believe it or not, these are all things she's asked for since her birthday.

It may not seem survival related, but as we are actively working on a closed system requiring no inputs from the outside world, so if shtf, we'll have cold beverages! She keeps hinting at what she got me, saying I've been asking for it forever, so it's either a 45, or a mossy oak bathrobe with a hood. I wear my current bathrobe constantly, and it's starting to get gross. I keep melting parts of it On heaters and campfires.
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