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Hi all, ive posted here a couple times, but found this intro section and figured ide post.

Im 21, and from southeastern Wisconsin. Started getting into this stuff about half a year ago, whereas ive always hunted, tracked, and most of my time spent outdoors and choppin wood. Been workin on guns for 3 years. Currently have bought and sold 4 AK's, 2 AR's, and some other guns. I buy beaters, fix em up and sell em. Dont make a huge profit but its more fun than anythin.

Thats me ^

I guess what brings me here is the current economy here in the states. Pretty worried about our current so called "president" ripping this country apart. (Sorry to the obama-lovers)

I just want to be sure that if anything happens my family is safe, whether its economic downfall, or any other conflict to hit home.

So thanks to all that have given me so much information here, I love this forum.

1 - 20 of 28 Posts