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For those who have kids, I brought a hand operated pasta machine for under £20 it just clamps on the side of the table and also a hand mincer/grinder for £3 at charity shop.

So once a week we go out and collect some dandy lion flowers, some nettles and some rose petals so we have yellow. Green and red colours for free you could use food colouring but when SHTF it won’t be around, plus it’s natural so better for you anyway and it,s free.

We also collect acorn when around to make the acorn flour (look up how to remove the tanning first) I put them in a stocking crushed up and leave them to soke in a stream for a day or two, Dry out thoroughly and grind into a powder as best as you can that’s the flour sorted then one egg from the chicken and we are ready to go.
It’s good fun to make and we make pictures on our plates the green was for seaweed and yellow and red was for the fish
Have planted some borage for the blue flowers so that will add another colour later.

Sorry about grammar but thought I would share this one and it’s Free to do.:D:
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