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Image Does Not Reflect Actual Alert Status Al-Qaida or affiliated groups probably will attack the United States in the months after the election to welcome the new president, says Frederick Stremmel, a former top FBI counterterrorism ...


American fearmaker
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Talk to some REAL cops about FBI profilers or their own department profilers. Profilers are people who can't make it on the streets as real cops or police officers. NEVER believe ANYTHING any profiler tries to sell you. If you believe a profiler, then I have a bridge I'll sell you.

Tossed chicken bones read by a shaman, high definition crystal balls and sheep's innards are more accurate than profilers can ever be. All profilers do is re-state the obvious and present it in a differently wrapped package. Let's play profiler ourselves...

I predict that Jack the Ripper is or was:

1. Dead. He'd have to be over 140 years old if he were still alive.

2. He had two hands.

3. He had two legs.

4. He had a head.

5. He had a body.

There. I've made my profile predictions on the Ripper and I'm pretty sure I'm 100% right.
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