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Forced Patina?

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This is my first thread I have started, but I am curious if you guys and girls, are for or against forcing a Patina.

Please post pics of your favorites forced or naturally acquired.

Maybe even kick a few of your favorite Patina recipes and processes out there for people who want to test the waters.

I did my first forced Patina today using Potato slices and Apple Cider Vinegar on a mora Companion, there is a pic of it in my album called some of my gear. As I am typing this I am waiting for my second Mora companion to finish, used mustard at first and now im finishing with potato slices. Will have a pic in album soon.
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Sorry for resurrecting such an old post but I just found it.

Just started experimenting with forced patinas. Originally I just wanted to try this on my Mora Robust and my wife's Mora Clipper which we use on hiking trips. Watched numerous youtube vids on various process and decided on one which I found the easiest. Bear in mind this process is for a full patina no fancy stuff.

Knives used:

Mora Craftline HQ Robust
Mora Clipper
5 Mora Craftline Utility Knife

Used a restaurant grade plastic glass which I um..borrowed. Filled the glass with heinz white distilled vinegar to 1/8 of an inch higher than whatever mora I was working on. Placed the glass in the microwave for 3 minutes to achieve a rolling boil.

While vinegar is cooking I used a common dish scouring pad with dishoap to clean and finely score the blade finish. Towel dried the knife then fine cleaned with rubbing alcohol. Towel dry again.

With the vinegar at a roiling boil I then took it out and placed the blade(s) into the glass. Let them sit for 20 minutes.

20 minutes the blades have already developed a black patina. I then take them out and using the same dishpad scrub them aggressively under cold water. Towel dry once the dishpad stops receiving the black sediment. Rub with alcohol again, dry then place them back in vinegar.

This part is relative as to how deep you want your patina:

4 hours, excellent finish but seems to be skin deep.

12 hours, very deep and should retain for awhile with heavy use.

24 hours, a patina that should stand up to heavy use.

After you are done, again wash with cold water and scrub with soft side of diahpad until you see no more sediment. Towel dry, then lightly coat blade with oil. Any oil will do. I use Olive oil as its in my kitchen and its a food friendly oil. Gun oil or 3 in 1 will also suffice.

End result my Moras are have this beautiful, even charcoal finish. With the oil applied these little beauties should last forever with no rust.
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