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10% of the population of the country is alcoholic: that's a big market. Should things become so bad that liquor companies close—they don't even do that during wars—I plan to distill rotgut and sell it. I made it a point to learn this procedure as well as to learn where to lay hands on the equipment. I can make safe alcohol; I can also make some deadly stuff should it become exigent to remove certain individuals or groups.

There are books as well as a plethora of internet sites dealing with the topic. I see no point in stockpiling expensive liquors. Alcoholics will be content with any flavor of ethyl alcohol. I'd sell for gold or other currencies if tied to gold. I'd occasionally take sugar in trade as business required it. I'd sell to middlemen only, not to consumers.

Profits would be very high initially but soon drop as more suppliers entered the market.
1 - 1 of 70 Posts
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