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For someone who do doesn't drink

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Would you think it'd still be a good idea to stock up on alcoholic drinks? I've read a lot of scenarios where alcohol might come in handy for bartering purposes, as a painkiller substitute, and I've even heard some people claim it's a decent substitute for rubbing alcohol.

How likely would a scenario where we go back to bartering for goods, specifically alcohol, rather than using some form of standardized currency be?

If you guys think it's worthwhile investing in alcoholic beverages, what should I invest in? I've got little knowledge of alcohol to begin with, other than generic terms for types of alcohol, like vodka, whiskey, ect. and a few of the big brand name beer and wine manufacturers. What would even be the best way to store them, just let them sit in my basement for 20 years?
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I have said it in other threads on this topic; maybe even in this one...

Good booze, especially in a long term event, will be worth its weight in gold as a trade item. Even poor quality stuff will be valuable (though I would not store such as I may want to use it myself).

I do not drink much; maybe 5-6 total drinks in a year (special occasions and such mostly). I would not be surprised though, in the timeline of any major event, that a drink or two will be I do stock booze both for trade and for use.

I also like storing the small (airline style) bottles for BOBs and for trade items...
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