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Anybody can come up with making jail-house hooch. I'm imagining in a long term disaster that someone will, to accommodate the desperate alcoholics and those who choose to become one.

Drinking alcohol makes a real crummy pain killer. Then you're just in pain, and drunk and likely impatient with anyone trying to treat your injury.

It makes a crummy sanitizer, either for surfaces or skin and wounds. Buy a decent supply of the modern stuff for that now so you don't have to use booze.

The good "top shelf" stuff is good for high end trade, or what I call bribe goods. If you can't get some license or pass or permit because of some petty official wanting something added to his pay, then a decent bottle of scotch may be just right. In nearly every war or disaster scenario I've read someone ends up thinking too well of themselves and wants bribes.

Then too, many people consider a bottle of the good stuff to be a civilized gift after a job well done.
1 - 1 of 70 Posts
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