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For MD,VA,DC and WV

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There seems to be a good amount of folks around this entire area. Within 10 to 70 miles of DC. Let us see if we can get some communication going between us folks in this area.

I am in Jefferson area of WV. So I know many know of the horse race track.
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I have been in that area. Charles Town. I would advise you focus on avoiding/hiding from the "golden horde" in a time of crisis.
We own property up in the Chares Town area, commercial property on Route 9. We live down in VA Beach though.
It's quaint, but I assume it'll be overrun by D.C. urbanites.

I also live in jefferson county - a couiple of miles out of shepherdstown.
I'm in north central WV and definitely more than 70 miles from the DC area.
Alexandria here, spitting distance to D.C.
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I'm in Alexandria VA. Would like to get some like-minded people together somtime in the near future!
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Down here in Charlottesville, VA. Very interested in area meetings, gatherings etc...
We are in Cville area too and Interested in any area groups also.
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