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The chicken I get for ourselves and the cats comes pre-packaged. They will get that regardless.

The feet I got from the butcher as waste.. so they were very cheap. Had to make friends with him... so he could hide these from the Chinese who come by now and then. Chinese folk LOVE chicken feet.

Appaarently there is some delcious Chinese recipie made with chicken feet, that I am not aware of.

Anyway... these can be made into some kind of soup and the cats like chewing them to bits. Felines love it when they struggle with their food. Helps with their digestion.

I was also told by our vet that cat food is made addictive on purpose. It's like a human being hooked on fast food who thinks the heavens will fall if he/she can't get a Quarter-Pounder.

So the feet are to help them not be a junkie.
I eat at McDonald's maybe 1x every 2-4yrs now. When I was a teen, I ate there 3-4x per week!

When I eat a Quarter Pounder now I have to be careful that I am not driving. 2 out of the last 3 times I ate one I yacked it right back up. 🤣
1 - 1 of 23 Posts