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Food Riots in America

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Well lets see. Flooding Fields,drought. Blight,poisons,greed and now there gonna regulate the truckers allot more to raise up fuel prices even more. Ohh and don't forget there gonna tax us more ohh and think about all the ways there just drooling over to get us to pay for new things. Na food wont be a problem.
Ohh ya 51% of people in the US don't pay taxes and how many are losing more and more jobs and falling off the books. No new jobs for anybody other then other countries. Ohh ya I almost forgot. Over 50% of all jobs created IN the US since obama come into power came from Texas. Let me see isn't that and Arizona the 2 states that the Feds have sued more then any other states combined because of there new laws to help protect jobs from illegals? Hummmm makes you wonder huh?
We have a leadership problem. A bad power hungry president who's failing faster then anybody could of thought, and a congress that no longer fights for the values on what America was founded on and has helped us be what we were. I think its time for new leadership and cant wait to vote this jerks out of office.

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He's good with the obvious, 'there will be violence in the Middle East' in 2011. 'they will raise taxes on people.' Brilliant!

But he's way wrong on the stuff that can yield tangible results.

No Revolution in 2012 here, then Celente is full of crap his 2010 crash which was way, way, way off.

No big shopping for holidays, 2012...instead we exchange cookies. I almost tossed mine on that. If there's holiday shopping, 2012. He's full of crap...again.

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